About Us

Power Muzic Radio is an online alternative radio station with R&B at its heart and soul. Our mission is to play music that enhances the community of music lovers and listeners of all ages and backgrounds. Our focus is on music that strengthens community relations and values cultural appreciation. Concurrently, Power Muzic Radio provides a platform to give independent artists an opportunity  to be heard. 



Under the guidance of Ronnie Sanders, former Thought Power Crew members of WRTC FM Hartford to join forces and develop a R&B music platform designed to keep R&B music alive. 


Each show is specialized and tailored made for your listening experience. We specialize in Southern Soul, Ole' School, Adult Contemporary, Neo-Soul, Nu-R&B/Ambient, Quiet Storm and incorporates Jazz, House and Hip-Hop to compliment our universal sound. Our music is clean, positive and supports the true essence of R&B.